Carbohydrate & Glycan Synthesis, Glycosylation & GlycoDesign

Sussex Research is a contract research organization and leading specialist in the design, synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based systems and stable isotope-labeled molecules. We excel at synthesis of molecules that incorporate elements of carbohydrates, glycans and polysaccharides. Since 1996, our product portfolio and contract synthesis services have enabled our clients and partners to explore and exploit glycosylation or stable isotope-labeling for drug discovery, drug delivery, carbohydrate-based vaccine development, therapeutic enhancement and bio-analytical assay development. Offering fine quality synthesis products and services:


A modern carbohydrate product portfolio:

Lots of useful things (from Glycosylated amino acids to glycosylated peptides and lipids to biotinylated carbohydrates and carbohydrate ligands)

Carbohydrate Custom Synthesis:

All things carbohydrate (from modified carbohydrates to functionalized polysaccharides)

Contract Research & Development:

All things carbohydrate (from Glycopeptide to Polysaccharide vaccine development)

Product Portfolio

Modified Carbohydrates, Oligosaccharides

Glycoamino Acids, Glycopeptides



Custom Synthesis

Carbohydrate-based Molecules

Route Design

Process Development or Scale-up

Contract R&D

Analytical Services

Comprehensive services for structural analysis.

High Resolution NMR, Mass spectrometry.

Non-GLP discovery bioanalytical services.