Carbohydrate & Glycan Synthesis, Glycosylation & GlycoDesign

The critical role of carbohydrate post translational modifications on cell surface proteins and those bound to circulatory proteins is well recognized. Glycans on proteins mediate a host of biological events including cell adhesion, immune system function, fertilization, cellular targeting as well as protein transport, stabilization and half-life. It has also been established that o-beta-GlcNAc is a dynamic post translational modification involved in more than 3,000 nuclear, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial proteins.

Sussex Research is a well known specialist in carbohydrate synthesis with an established international reputation. Founded in 1996, Sussex Research is a carbohydrate-enabling company, excelling in the design, synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based molecules. Our unique product portfolio enables researchers across a variety of scientific disciplines to readily explore and exploit glycobiology via facile introduction onto small molecules, biological molecules, nanoparticles or surfaces. Our advanced capabilities in carbohydrate synthetic chemistry, purification and characterization has benefited our collaborators in academia, research institutions, biotechnology and pharma at all stages of research & development from basic research to clinical trials.

A modern carbohydrate portfolio:

Glycosylated amino acids, glycosylated peptides, glycosylated lipids, oligosaccharides, biotinylated carbohydrates, carbohydrates with functional linkers/spacers, glucuronides, glycoconjugates, lipopolysaccharides…

Carbohydrate custom synthesis and contract research & development:

Sussex Research is highly active in custom synthesis, contract manufacture and contract research & development of oligosaccharides, glycosaminoglycans, glycoamino acids, glycopeptides, modified carbohydrates with functionalized linkers/spacers and a wide variety of synthetic building blocks. We routinely carry out carbohydrate synthesis, oligosaccharide synthesis, glycan synthesis, glycoamino acid synthesis, glycopeptide synthesis, glycoconjugate synthesis, glucuronide synthesis, glycan biotinylation, glycolipid synthesis, lipopolysaccharide synthesis, glycocongugation to carrier proteins, custom synthesis and other projects.

Product Portfolio

Modified Carbohydrates, Oligosaccharides

Glycoamino Acids, Glycopeptides



Custom Synthesis

Carbohydrate-based Molecules

Route Design

Process Development or Scale-up

Contract R&D

Analytical Services

Comprehensive services for structural analysis.

High Resolution NMR, Mass spectrometry.

Non-GLP discovery bioanalytical services.