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α-D-Rha4NFo (1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo (1,3)-α-D-Rha4NFo(1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo-1-OCH₃

α-D-Rha4NFo (1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo (1,3)-α-D-Rha4NFo(1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo-1-OCH₃ molecular structure


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Product Details

Name α-D-Rha4NFo (1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo (1,3)-α-D-Rha4NFo(1,2)-α-D-Rha4NFo-1-OCH₃
Product No.OS245000
Synonym(s) Brucella M tetrasaccharide
CategoryCarbohydrate Standards
Molecular Weight724.71
AvailabilityNo - Please inquire for availability information
Availability in BulkYes
Purity>95% (PROTON NMR)
DescriptionBrucella is a gram-negative bacteria that causes brucellosis, or undulant fever, and is transmited via animals particularly cattle; The Brucella M antigen differs from the Brucella A antigen by the presence of several ci 1,3 linkages in an otherwise ci 1,2-linked homopolymer of 4,6-dideoxy-4-formamido-D-mannose (Rha4NFo)
CommentsD-Rha4NFo; Bacterial Antigen; Tetrasaccharide; Neutral; Methyl Anomer
ReferencesJ.W. Cherwonogrodzky, M.B. Perry, D.R. Bundle, Can J Microbiol. 1987, 33, 979.
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