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4-Fluoro-N-Acetylglucosamine molecular structure


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Product Details

Name 4-Fluoro-N-Acetylglucosamine
Product No.MS250000
Synonym(s) 4-F-GlcNAc; 2-Acetamido-2,4-dideoxy-4-fluoro-D-glucopyranose (mixed anomers)
CategoryGlycobiology Tools, Click Chemistry & ProbesInhibitorsModified Saccharides
Molecular Weight223.2
Availability in BulkYes
Purity>95% (HPLC)
DescriptionFluorinated glucosamine has been shown to block the synthesis of key carbohydrate structures linked to cancer progression via interference with UDP-GlcNAc synthesis
CommentsN-Acetylglucosamine; GlcNAc; O-GlcNAcase Inhibitor; Monosaccharide; Fluorosaccharide
ReferencesS.R. Barthel et al., The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2011, 286, 21717–21731.
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