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Mannose: Fmoc-Ser(Man(Ac)₄-α-D)-OH

Mannose: Fmoc-Ser(Man(Ac)₄-α-D)-OH molecular structure


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Product Details

Name Mannose: Fmoc-Ser(Man(Ac)₄-α-D)-OH
Product No.GA621000
Synonym(s) Fmoc-Ser(α-D-Man)-OH (Peracetate); Fmoc-Ser(α-D-Mannose)-OH (Peracetate); Fmoc-Ser(alpha-D-Man)-OH (Peracetate); Fmoc-L-Ser(Man(Ac)₄-α-D)-OH; Fmoc-Ser(α-D-Man(Ac)₄)-OH; Fmoc-Ser(alpha-D-Man(Ac)₄)-OH; N-α-Fmoc-O-β-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-α-D-mannopyranosyl)-L-serine
CategoryGlycoamino AcidsSerine
CAS No.118358-80-8
Molecular Weight657.62
Availability in BulkYes
Purity>95% (HPLC)
DescriptionProtein O-mannosylation (α-O-Man) is an essential modification in fungi and animals and contrasts most other types of protein O-glycosylation, as it is initiated in the endoplasmic reticulum via transfer from dolichol monophosphate-activated mannose to serine and threonine residues of secretory proteins
CommentsD-Mannose; O-Link; Monosaccharide; Serine; Blocked; Amino Acid; Ac
ReferencesM. Lommel, S. Strahl; Glycobiology 2009, 19, 816-828.
Datasheet(s)GA621000_COA.pdf (83.785 KB)
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