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Biotin DADPS Imidazolium Azide Labeling Probe

Biotin DADPS Imidazolium Azide Labeling Probe molecular structure


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Product Details

Name Biotin DADPS Imidazolium Azide Labeling Probe
Product No.BL000020
Synonym(s) Biotin PEG4-DADPS Imidazolium Azide Labeling Probe; DADPS Biotin Imidazolium Azide Labeling Probe
Molecular Weight1019.1
Availability in BulkYes
Purity>90% (HPLC)
DescriptionA cleavable Biotin Probe for Labeling of Biomolecules via Azide–Alkyne Cycloaddition (Click Chemistry). The Biotin moiety is linked via a tetraethylene glycol (PEG4) spacer and cleavable dialkoxydiphenylsilane (DADPS) linker to an imidazolium-azide for click chemistry. The stable imidazolium cation increases the ionisation efficiency of glycopeptides by mass spectroscopy and enabling easier profiling over use of conventional picolyl-azide based tags.
Datasheet(s)BL000020_COA.pdf (83.527 KB)
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