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About Glycopeptides

Active for over 10 years in the field of glycopeptide synthesis, Sussex Research is the leading commercial source of synthetic, well-defined N- and O-linked glycosylated peptides.

Synthetic glycopeptides offer a unique frontier for research in glycobiology and proteomics as well as for drug discovery & development, drug delivery/targetting, diagnostics development and biotechnological applications.

The critical role of glycan elements on cell surface proteins and those bound to circulatory proteins is well recognized. Carbohydrates on proteins mediate a host of biological events including cell adhesion, immune system function, fertilization, cellular targeting as well as protein transport, stabilization and half-life. Thus, the use of synthetic glycoproteins or their fragments (glycopeptides) as experimental probes for basic research and biomedical applications is growing rapidly.

Glycopeptides from our Library:

As the leading resource for glycopeptide synthesis, Sussex Research offers a large number of glycopeptides from our inventory. For example:

  • Mucin and mucin-like fragments incorporating sialylation
  • RNA polymerase II C-Terminal Domain
  • Hinge domain glycopeptdes
  • N Glycophorin A derivatives
  • Antiproliferative factor
  • Glycated peptides

Custom Glycopeptide Synthesis:

The number and variation of applications of glycopeptides in modern research is impressive. Sussex Research is highly active in the custom synthesis of glycopeptides for specific research, drug and vaccine development projects. You pick the glycoform, the amino acid or linker system, the sequence and the label if necessary…we’ll make it happen.