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Biotinylated Glycans

About Biotinylated Glycans

Protein-carbohydrate interactions play crucial roles in numerous biological processes. Biotinylated glycans are emerging as a valuable class of carbohydrate or glycoconjugate probes that allow exploitation of the strong affinity of avidin and streptavidin for biotin, a feature vastly utilized across molecular biology for decades. Techniques for the study of protein–carbohydrate interactions are of great interest in glycobiology and to this end, Sussex Research has been developing biotinylated saccharides to advance research in the field.

From fairly basic O-linked monosaccharides to far more complex N-link biantennary system, Sussex Research biotinylated sugars are stable and very reliable for use in the study of protein-carbohydrate interactions. Most biotinylated sugars from Sussex Research incorporate short, monodisperse (discrete) polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacers. Contrary to traditional alkyl linkers, which are hydrophobic, PEG is a stable, amphiphilic spacer molecule that offsets the extremely hydrophobic nature of biotin. PEG enables solubility across a wide range of solvent systems including aqueous media.

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