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Tris-GalNAc (Cbz, peracetylated)


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Product #: MV100000

Tris-GalNAc (Cbz, peracetylated)

Product Details

Other Names Tri-GalNAc (Cbz, peracetylated), Tris-GalNAcAc3-Cbz, Tri-β-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz, Triantennary β-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz
CAS #1159408-63-5
Molecular Weight1928.04
Purity>95% (HPLC)
DescriptionTriantennary beta-GalNAc, a ligand for asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR), where the sugars are protected by acetylation and the Tris tertiary amine is protected by benzyloxycarbonyloxy (Cbz).
Keywords Tris-GalNAcAc3-Cbz, Tri-β-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz, Triantennary β-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz, Tri-beta-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz, Triantennary beta-GalNAcAc3-NHCbz, C87H134N10O38
Shipping RequirementDry Ice
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