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Rhamnose Ligand: α-Rha-PEG12-Maleimide


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Product #: PE806000

Rhamnose Ligand: α-Rha-PEG12-Maleimide

Product Details

Other Names α-L-Rha-PEG12-Maleimide, Rha-PEG12-MAL
Formula C42H75N3O21
Molecular Weight 958.05
Description Thiol (sulfhydryl)-reactive ligand. Product formed by conjugation of MAL-PEG12-NHS ester via amidation to 2-aminoethyl α-L-Rha.
Keywords Rhamnose Ligand: alpha-Rha-PEG12-Maleimide, Rha, PEG12, Maleimide, Rhamnose, Alpha-L-Rha-PEG12-Maleimide, Rha-PEG12-MAL, C42H75N3O21
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