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where S* = Ser* = GalNAcα-O-Ser
Other Names Synthetic Fetuin-A non-glycosylatedpeptide, α-2-HS, Alpha-2-Heremans-Schmid peptide (AHSG), AHSG(Tn) glycopeptide
UniProt ID P12763
Formula C74H124N20O24
Molecular Weight 1677.9
Purity >90% (HPLC)
Description AHSG-2(UniProt ID P12763) synthetic glycopeptide fragment (Thr334-Arg348; UniProt position 334-348, 13 aa length) with GalNAc at ser341. The C-terminus is carboxylic acid. A peptide derived from a tryptic digest Alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein (AHSG or Fetuin A). Fetuin A is a plasma glycoprotein belonging to the fetuin class of plasma binding proteins and is more abundant in fetal than adult blood.
Keywords AHSG-2-bovine(334−348)-Tn(341), N-Acetyl-D-Galactosamine, O-Linked, Mono-Glycosylated, L-Serine, C-Terminus-Acid, Tn-Glycopeptide, Formerly GP121040, Synthetic Fetuin-A non-glycosylatedpeptide, alpha-2-HS, Alpha-2-Heremans-Schmid peptide (AHSG), AHSG(Tn) glycopeptide, C74H124N20O24
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