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Custom Synthesis

Sussex Research is known worldwide for its custom synthesis and contract R&D capabilities which utilize our core expertise in carbohydrate synthesis and method development. We provide custom synthesis solutions for biopharmaceutical, therapeutic, diagnostic and research applications for development of molecules that incorporate glycotechnology or exploit glycobiology. We excel at oligosaccharide, glycopeptide and glycoconjugate synthesis. All materials produced at Sussex are thoroughly analyzed and characterized on-site via a variety of state-of-the-art spectroscopic techniques including high field NMR and mass spectrometry.

Sussex Research specializes in multi-step custom synthesis for researchers. We welcome projects which utilize our core expertise in carbohydrate synthesis.

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Sussex Research


Sussex Research prepares a wide variety of custom glycopeptides. Sussex has years of experience in the glycopeptide field. We welcome your custom synthesis and will adapt our synthetic methodologies to accommodate your specific needs. Please consult with us on your project requirements.


Sussex welcomes custom synthesis (di-, tri, tetra- or larger saccharide or glycosamino glycan (GAG) oligosaccharide) and will utilise its synthetic expertise to accommodate the specific needs of our collaborative partners. For specific or custom requirements, please contact us at your convenience.

Modified Carbohydrates

Sussex Research prepares a wide variety of special modified carbohydrates and carbohydrate intermediates.

Other Glycosystems

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