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Key People

Brady Clark, Ph.D., President & CEO, is founder of Sussex Research. Formerly a research officer of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada (1988-1996) where he directed successful international collaborations on projects relating to mechanistic organic chemistry with academic, government and pharmaceutical researchers based in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Clark has extensive publications in major peer-reviewed international journals. Dr. Clark received a doctorate in chemistry from McMaster University.

Fengyang Yan, Ph.D., Vice President of Chemistry oversees development of synthetic methodologies designed for accessing carbohydrate-based molecules using classic solution phase chemistry and chemoenzymatic synthesis. He also leads Sussex’s program for development of synthetic strategies to glycosylated amino acids for use in Solid and Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis. Prior to joining Sussex Research in 2003, Dr. Yan was a researcher at NRC in the area of Iterative Syntheses of Oligosaccharides on Soluble Polymeric (PEG) Supports and Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Oligosaccharides for use in carbohydrate-based vaccine research. Dr. Yan received a doctorate in chemistry from Okayama University (Japan).

Rahul Vohra, Ph.D., oversees development of synthetic strategies for producing glucuronide metabolites. Dr. Vohra also leads development of stable isotope-labelled small molecules including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Prior to joining Sussex Research in 2009, Dr. Vohra was Director of Chemistry at PainCeptor Pharma. Prior to that, Dr. Vohra held a Group Leader position at Neurochem in the area of medicinal chemistry where he performed the initial synthesis and optimization of Alzhemed® and Kiacta® compounds which eventually went to Phase III clinical trial. Dr. Vohra was also a research scientist at Ranbaxy. Dr. Vohra received a doctorate in chemistry from Panjab University (India).