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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sussex Research synthesize compounds that are not found on the company website?

Over the years, Sussex Research chemists have created 1000s of carbohydrate-based molecules, of which only some are represented on the company website. We readily entertain preparing carbohydrate-based molecules as a custom synthesis or under contract. Bottom line – if you don’t see it, don’t be afraid to ask.

What types of processes does Sussex Research utilize?

As an established global leader in carbohydrate synthetic, Sussex strives to develop synthetic methods that are scalable, cost-effective and enabling. We use the following approaches to carbohydrate-based molecule production:

  • Chemistry – protection/deprotection, glycosylation, etc.
  • Biocatalysis / Chemoenzymatic – combine enzymes & chemistry in certain cases.
  • Polymer (polyethylene glyco or PEG) supported solution phase synthesis.
  • Fermentation (production of enzymes, lipopolysaccharides & polysaccharides).

What type of quality control does Sussex Research use to ensure the identity of products?

We utilize an extensive arsenal of modern analytical techniques to ensure that what we give you is what you ask for. Our in house capabailities include:

  • High resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
  • Two Dimensional NMR
  • Liquid chromatography-Mass spectroscopy (LCMS)
  • Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Chromatography with UV-VIS detection
  • Optical Rotation

I have a synthetic method that allows me to get milligrams of material. Can you take my method and scale it to grams or higher?

Yes. We will begin by validating your method. If we conclude that the method is viable, we will then optimize the process. Finally, we will scale your process to the point where you could conduct preclinical studies in animals or, if entering the clinic, a contract manufacturer would be confident to use the process.

Can Sussex Research prepare molecules with biotinylation or fluorescent labels?

Yes, we can do this.

I require an isotopically labeled molecule. Will Sussex do this for me?

We do prepare stable isotopically labeled compounds. However, we do not work with radioisotopes.