Pharmaceutical Discovery Support

Sussex Research provides bioanalytical support to facilitate the decision making process in pharmaceutical discovery. We leverage our expertise in the discovery arena to reduce method development times and provide rapid turn-around of samples results for lead optimization programs.

Services Offered

Method Development: LC-MS/MS quantitative method development is provided for single compound, cassette doses or compound series to support in-vitro and in-vivo studies. Generic extraction and chromatographic techniques coupled to LC-MS/MS detection result in rapid method development to discovery stage appropriate specifications.

Sample Analysis: LC-MS/MS methods are employed in the analysis of in-vitro and in-vivo samples. Sample matrix and calibration ranges are flexible and are tailored to meet individual study requirements. Results are reported as test compound concentration per sample (ng/mL) in Excel format.

Plasma Stability: Test article stability (10 µg/mL or other concentrations) is determined in plasma (various species and anti-coagulants). Incubation of test article(s) in matrix at room temp and/or 37˚C with sampling at T0, 15m, 1h, and 4h (parameters may be tailored to study). LC-MS/MS analysis is used to determine sample concentrations with results reported as % of Time 0 samples. Stability evaluation in solvents, solutions and dosing solutions is also available.

Plasma Protein Binding: Test article binding to plasma proteins is determined (various species and anti-coagulants) via incubation of test article(s) in matrix at 37˚C followed by ultra-centrifugation. Non-specific binding to filters is evaluated. LC-MS/MS analysis is used to determine the total and free concentrations of test article in pre- and post-filtered plasma. % protein binding is calculated and results are reported as % bound.